Our Upcoming Themes for 2021

Our Upcoming Themes

February – Construction and Building

Building, diggers, wonders of the world, plumbers, electricians, builders, building sites, hard hats, tools and equipment

March – Weather and Seasons

Exploring types of weather and how this effects our seasons, from sun, rain, snow and wind to blossom, flowers, trees and clothing, exploring activities to do in the various seasons

April – Gardening and New Life

Easter, Spring, new life, Ramadan starts and St George’s Day

May – Opposites

Exploring shapes, patterns, positional language, counting and exploring size

June – Transport

Up in the air – the children will be getting creative making kites, hot air balloons and aeroplanes, exploring the sun, moon and clouds. On our roads – trucks, lorries, construction vehicles. Water travel – boats, canoes, ships, cruise liners and ferries

July – Being Active and Sports

Sports, races, egg and spoon, basket ball, tennis, badminton and moving in a variety of ways, noticing effects on our bodies and keeping fit

August – Tropical Islands and Rain Forest

Summer parties, school leavers, pirates, seashells, mermaids, rain forest animals, fruit tasting

September – Into the woods

Autumn, woodland creatures, camping, forest and woodland – looking at different trees and plants and how they change in autumn, creatures in the woods and hibernations and how we can look after our natural environment

October – People who help us

The Ambulance service, doctors, fire service, police, vet, RNLI and road safety

November – Role Play and Drama

Using our imagination, recreating experiences, visiting dentist, doctor, supermarket, restaurants and Fireworks, bonfire night, children in need, Diwali

December – Christmas

Craft, celebrations, Christmas jumper day and Christmas parties

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