Our themes from January to June

Our themes for the coming months

Please look at our parent partnership and nursery life letters to see how we are covering the themes below making them fun and educational. If you would like to participate in anyway or if you have any inspirational ideas that you would like to share with us then please get in touch.

Mythical creatures

Other dates this month…

  • 25th, Chinese New Year (Rat)

Textural play

Other dates this month…

  • 14th, Valentine’s day

Mini-beasts and habitats

Other dates this month…

  • 3rd, World wildlife day

  • 15th, Red Nose Day

  • 17th, St Patrick’s day

  • 22nd, Mother’s day

Me and my world

Other dates this month…

  • 12th, Easter Sunday

  • 23rd, St George’s day

  • 24th, Ramadan starts

Story time favourites

Other dates this month…

  • 23rd – 24th Supertato


Other dates this month…

  • 1st – 7th Child safety week
  • 21st, Father’s Day
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