Our Themes for 2022

January – Mythical Creatures

Looking at fairies, gnomes, dragons, unicorns and mermaids. Including celebrations for Chinese New Year

February – Textural Play

Heuristic, treasure baskets and exploratory play

March – Mini-Beasts and Habitats

Activities surrounding World Wildlife Day, fundraising for Red Nose Day, celebrations for St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day

April – Me and My World

Looking at Spring and new life. Celebrations for Easter, St George’s day and the start of Ramadan

May – Story Time Favourites

Looking at our favourite stories like ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’

June – Water

Commotion in the ocean, washing, looking at ponds, baths, rivers, sea, ice and rain. Child Safety Week and celebrating Father’s Day

July – People Who Help Us

Ambulance, Paramedics, vets, police, fire crew, RNLI, nurses, doctors, road safety officers

August – Summer and Nutrition

Summer adventures including camping etc. Looking at independence, self-confidence, health and self-care, observing effects of exercise on our bodies

September – There’s no one quite like me

We will be learning about our family, home life and pets. Looking at different cultures around the world and ways of life

October – Music

Looking at dance, movement, yoga, music from around the world including classical, contemporary etc. Singing and rhyming

November – Adventures in Space

Planets, the moon, our solar system, galaxies, stars, space travel, the light and the dark

December – Christmas

The Christmas celebrations begin with parties, crafts, dancing and singing. Celebrating Christmas jumper day

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